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Computer Technology

Strandwood Elementary School provides opportunities for all students to interact with technology regularly. Whether in our Computer Lab or individual classrooms, technology is seamlessly integrated into day-to-day activities.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated Computer Lab, which features 35 computers with flat-screen monitors. Every class in the school visits the Computer Lab once a week, and additional time in the Lab, for both classes and individual students, is available on an as-needed basis. All computers in the Lab have full Internet access, with a wide range of Web-based applications available for all grade levels. For example, students are able to use the Internet to gather and analyze information, and then take that information and create an appealing presentation. Software that is curriculum based and tied directly to textbooks in presentation, vocabulary and teaching methods is available to reinforce concepts in an appealing, user-friendly way. Assessment mechanisms are also available in the Lab, giving teachers additional tools to check student progress in many areas, from comprehnsion to basic math skills. Students also learn fundamental computer skills, including word processing, in the form of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint). Internet safety and ethical issues are also addressed.

Our teachers are independent users of technology, utilizing computers and presentation equipment on an individual as well as grade-level basis to engage students and differentiate curriculum for all learners. In the classroom, teachers use presentation projectors and document cameras to deliver lectures, model learning techniques and demonstrate concepts. Students also have access to computers in their classrooms, to do research, take assessments and prepare presentation materials.

A technology committee meets regularly to assess our technology needs. The committee works hard to keep the best interests of the staff and students in mind as it balances the wise use of instructional technology with the careful disbursement of funds. This philosophy supports our core belief that technology in the school setting is not instrinsically valuable; instead its value comes from the opportunities it provides to support and enhance learning for all students.

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