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  Heidi Beck Teacher - Grade 5

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About Mrs. Beck

I have been teaching fifth grade at Strandwood since the 2005-2006 school year. Before teaching, I had all sorts of jobs, and had a hard time settling on teaching. It wasn't until I did student teaching in 5th grade that I knew that I really wanted to teach.


I received my BA in Political Science from CSU Hayward in 2000. After that, I went to paramedic school, got my Real Estate License, moved to New Zealand, and did a lot of traveling before getting my teaching credential and MA Ed. from Chapman University. 


At home I live with my husband Brendan, our two sons Clayton and Maddon, our dogs Lexi and Wally, cat Felix, tortoise Lulu, and Clayton's Beta Fish,  Dr. Rockwell. At school I take care of our two class pets, Oreo ( California King Snake) and Legs (Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula). In my spare time I like to travel, read, exercise, and spend time with my family. 

Heidi Beck


In 5th grade, we spend most of our time learning about place value (thousandths through millions), and adding/subtracting/multiplying and dividing whole numbers, decimals and fractions. 


We will also learn about quadrant 1 of the coordinate-plane, measurement conversions within both the standard  system and the metric system, and all about volume. 


Finally, we'll learn to classify 2D figures. 


We primarily use our Ready! math book in class, Ready! practice book for HW, our Math Manual for notes (and a good resource to take home!). 


We have a new ELA adoption in MDUSD!  I am excited to learn about it this summer and start using it with the students in the fall. In 5th grade we work on different reading skills for both literature and informational texts, and work on responding to what we've read in our writing. 


Expect one grammar lesson each week in 5th grade, with a night-or-two of HW to follow. We will use our grammar interactive journal. It's not a bad idea to take it home a study before the quiz.


We will write all the time in 5th grade. In our writing program, we will write 6 essays utilizing our Google Classroom account and Google Docs. 

Social Studies

Fifth grade social studies curriculum begins as the first people reach North America 10,000 years ago. We learn about:

  • Native Americans,
  • Technology and advancements in navigation which led to Europeans exploring the world
  • Two cultures meet, the Native Americans and the Europeans
  • The first colonies settled
  • The Original 13 Colonies - New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies
  • The American Revolution
  • Building a New Country
  • Westward Expansion


We have three major science strands in 5th grade. 


We start with Earth Science:  Earth's Water, Earth's Weather, Solar System.

Next, Physical Science: Matter, Changes in Matter

Finally, Life Science: Types of Life, Plants, Human Body (this focuses on 4 systems: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and excretory - our Family Life education will be taught in October and more information will be announced). 

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Important Dates



September 21: Outdoor Education parent meeting (6:00 pm)

September 26 Picture Day

October 16-20 Outdoor Education

October 27: Fall Fest

November 4: Make-up picture day

Nov 20-24: Thanksgiving Break

December 2: Nutcracker

December 22-January 7:Winter Break

February 12: Teacher Work Day (no students)

March 19: Teacher Work Day (no students)

March 24: PTA Auction

April 3-6: Spring Recess

June 7: Last Day of School

Favorite Links An awesome website.  Check out the US Geography section for state games! Incredible website. Links on here will connect to our textbooks. Someof my favorite things to do: view the math book through the website and study for science tests, watch BrainPop videos on just about any subject immaginable!.

Click Here  for Accelerated Reader Home Connect website.  Check how your child is doing!  For Accelerated Reader reading levels - type in the name of your book and find the reading level!        This is a website created by an elementary school teacher that is full of links to age-appropriate state information.  Great resource for gathering information for state brochures!     A website with timed math quizzes that also tells you the percent correct. This is similar to Math Facts in a Flash, a program we use in the computer lab. This site is state location practice, also with some capitals work!! It's awesome!