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Report an Absence (Email is preferred)

Email ( or

call (925) 682-8000 Ext. 8025 to leave a message

Please include reason for absence, date of absence and your relationship to the student.

Absences must be reported within 72 hours, preferably by 10am the day of the absence to avoid robo-call from the district.

Independent Study (Absence greater than 5 school days, planned in advance)

If your student will be absent for 5 school days or greater, please stop by the office to pick up an Independent Study Form and also inform the teacher.

Forms need to be turn in to the office no later than 5 school days before the absence.

The secretary will route the form to the teacher and principal for signature and work.  The work and form is then returned to student, usually the students last day before the absence.

Work is due the day stated on the form, even if the student is absent that day due to illness or other, in order to be considered complete.