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Staff Directory

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Contact Brenda Barnhart  Brenda Barnhart Teacher- Grade 2
Contact Tracy Bartlett  Tracy Bartlett Teacher - Grade 1
Contact Heidi Beck  Heidi Beck Teacher - Grade 5
Contact Crissy Bilyk  Crissy Bilyk Teacher- TK
Contact Randi Bittner  Randi Bittner Teacher - Grade 4
Contact Lia Bloodgood  Lia Bloodgood Teacher- Grade 3
Contact Josie Bromely  Josie Bromely Teacher- Instrumental Music (Grades 4/5)
Contact Diana Brownstein  Diana Brownstein Teacher - Grade 4
Contact Kandice Caicedo  Kandice Caicedo Teacher - Grade 3
Contact Jillian Cary  Jillian Cary Teacher- Kindergarten
Contact Emily DeWolf  Emily DeWolf Teacher - SDC 3/4/5
Contact Sandra Doll  Sandra Doll Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Keri Guncheon  Keri Guncheon Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Lisa Hitt  Lisa Hitt Teacher- SDC TK-2
Contact Kathy Hoffmann  Kathy Hoffmann Teacher - Grade 1
Contact Jen Larson-Guerra  Jen Larson-Guerra Teacher - Grade 5
Contact Eve Lowenstein  Eve Lowenstein Teacher -Grade 3
Contact Michelle Maeder  Michelle Maeder Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Amber Mc Caffrey  Amber Mc Caffrey Teacher - Grade 5
Contact Colleen McAdams  Colleen McAdams Teacher- Vocal Music
Contact Alexis McIntyre  Alexis McIntyre Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Dawn Micanovic  Dawn Micanovic Teacher - Resource/Learning Center
Contact Julie Miller  Julie Miller PE teacher 4th/5th (Fridays)
Contact Gaudy O'Connell  Gaudy O'Connell Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Candace Penn  Candace Penn Teacher- Grade 3
Contact Anna Rowe  Anna Rowe Teacher - Grade 2
Contact Lindsey Sowko  Lindsey Sowko Teacher- Grade 3
Contact Laura Thorsen  Laura Thorsen Teacher - Grade 1
Contact Ashlee Urmson  Ashlee Urmson Teacher- Magnet
Contact Stephanie Wilson  Stephanie Wilson Teacher - Grade 4
Contact Gina Zeppegno  Gina Zeppegno Teacher - Grade 1
Office Staff

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Scripter, Cheri


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Dohlman, Lindsey

Office Manager

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Lawson, Jody

School Secretary

Support Staff

We have so many wonderful supporting staff at our site.  Please call the office, should you need their names or titles.